What is Midesk

Midesk is a revolutionary wheelie schoolbag that converts into a desk and a chair with a solar light and USB charging portal. This innovative design allows for a child to wheel their bag, chair and desk to school and back home while at the same time addressing 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with the 2030 Agenda.

Our portable desk provides a child with a chair to sit on and a desk to write on that can be used at home and school. No matter where they are, they have a tool to assist their learning process. With MiDesk being made of lightweight recyclable material, we address not only the wellness of the child but the environment too.

With added features such as the solar light and USB charging portal, reflective stickers for visibility at night and ruggedized wheels for rural terrains, the MiDesk provides a complete solution to a child at school.

How does it solve the education issue?​​

Research has proven that a childs academic performance increases by 48% if they have a designated homework station. According to an independent research survey, having a desk to work on at school will improve in multiple areas relating to literacy and academic performance.

Having a desk will improve the learner’s handwriting making it easier to read and concentrate, teachers can teach more effectively, and having a desk at your home environment will also improve homework delivery of pupils.

As many of these children who do not have desks at school often come from poverty stricken families in rural areas, the MiDesk will assist in improving the overall learning experience for the pupil, teacher and parent in these areas.

The MiDesk is in alignment with the following 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with 2030 Agenda

Classroom Desk Shortage in Africa


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Midesk's Christmas Drive

Raising 1500 MiDesks for Mayibuye Primary School in Soweto, Gauteng, this Christmas is a heartwarming initiative dedicated to spreading joy and education in the spirit of the holiday season. Mayibuye Primary School serves as a cornerstone of learning in the Soweto community, and providing 1500 MiDesks, can make a world of difference in the lives of these young learners.
This project embodies the true essence of the season by bringing the gift of education to those who need it most. These MiDesks will empower students to study comfortably both at school and at home, regardless of access to electricity. By supporting this cause, we are not only enhancing the educational experience but also fostering a brighter future for the children of Mayibuye Primary School.
Join us in making this Christmas unforgettable for these students, their families, and the entire Soweto community. Your contribution will light up the hearts and minds of these children, illuminating the path to a promising education and a brighter tomorrow. Let’s come together to bring the magic of Christmas to Mayibuye Primary School this holiday season. 

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Farana is a top-level strategic management professional and driven businesswoman, with twenty plus years’ of leadership expertise as business founder, owner, CEO and managing director of two thriving companies, specializing in mining, logistics and sustainable development. 



With thirty five years of mining and logistics experience, Minesh has an innovative and strategic mind. With his keen problem solving skills and drive to create solutions for poverty stricken communities, he is a key driver for MiDesk Global. He is a goal drive leader who maintains high performance standards.



Talita holds a degree in Management Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from The University of Cape Town. She was awarded The Anthony Hill Award for building the best Genesis Brand in her degree and was the winner of the best pitch at the UCT Women in Entrepreneurship Expo.